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February 10, 2010

Shoe Bombers, The Rule of Law, Newt Gingrich & Citizenship....

Last night on The Daily Show, Newt Gingrich was interviewed about his new book. In the course of dialogue, he was asked why the underwear bomber should be treated in a fashion different from the way the Bush Administration handled Richard Reed, the Shoe Bomber. Reed was prosecuted and convicted in a civilian court. Both attempted to blow up airplanes flying to the USA.

Gingrich's answer? Reed was an American Citizen, whereas the underwear bomber was not, so Reed was entitled to greater rights.

That comment woke me up promptly. Having previously endured Republican pundits claim that Reed attempted to bomb a plane pre-9/11 [he didn't], I was surprised that Gingrich [who knows better] felt compelled to lie about reality to justify his attack on the present administration.

Others have objected that the UB was read his Miranda Rights, as though that impacted our ability to question him - it did not. He was caught with a bomb - we didn't need to introduce his statements against him at trial, the only thing to which Miranda warnings apply.

If you want to complain about Obama, don't make things up. Whether it's death panels, place of birth, or the citizenship of the Shoe Bomber, let's put these false arguments behind us and move on to discuss relevant issues. Just because the General Public is so stupid it believes these things does not justify using them as arguments to regain power. Why would I trade one set of politicians for a set that would lie to me to get elected?

Our society has reached a place where it is OK to lie about facts to justify one's positions, when we should be discussing policy and supporting or opposing ideas on their own merits - we no longer impose consequences when they lie to us.

The Constitution has a place in our country, and not just because it gives a right to bear arms. When we were told that we needed to go to war against Iraq, we were told they hate us for our freedoms - then, at the same time, the same supporters used these attacks by radical Muslims [largely from and funded by Saudi Arabia] to justify taking our freedoms away and denying them to others.

Irrespective of your political leanings, it is time to sit back and look at those who use lies and fear to manipulate us, reject them, and support those who use more than lame slogans to get elected and re-elected.